Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm Bored Activities

Another tip of the day for therapists... provide classrooms with folders that have activities to do when students are bored.  If the students have completed their assignments or they have some free time, then they could independently go access a folder or list of activity ideas to keep them busy. 

For children who need visual perceptual practice you could give the teacher a folder with mazes, dot to dots or visual motor exercises (ie Follow the Path, Visual Discrimination Puzzles, or Patterns, Patterns, Patterns.)   

For students who need fine motor practice leave a fine motor activity box that includes items such as lacing cards, small peg boards, marbles or hand strengthening putty would be beneficial.

Students who need gross motor practice may benefit from active play boxes, mini trampoline breaks or other motor activities (ie Mini Movement Breaks or Classroom Activity Posters). How about create a list of gross motor activities (especially outdoor if available), then when anyone hears the words "I'm bored" you can reach for the list of suggestions.

Does anyone have more suggestions for students when free time is available during the school day or at home? 

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What to do when your bored said...

Great stuff. Surely try to do some of them

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