Thursday, October 18, 2012

ADHD, Exercise and Learning

A new study published in the Journal of Pediatrics recognizes the benefits of exercise to improve academic abilities in children with ADHD.  In this study, 40 children total (20 with ADHD 20 without ADHD), ages 8 -10 years old spent 20 minutes walking briskly on a treadmill or 20 minutes reading.  This was followed by a reading comprehension test, math exam and a computer game (goal of computer game was to ignore visual stimuli).  The results indicated that all of the children scored better following the bout of exercise.  In addition, following exercise the children with ADHD did a better job at slowing down after making an error to avoid repeat mistakes.  The researchers concluded that children need more physical activity throughout the day.

This is an excellent tip to offer to teachers before the next state exams, especially with all the new APPR requirements and test score results - take a brisk walk for 20 minutes right before the exams.  Free, healthy and super simple to carry out.

Need ideas to squeeze physical activity in throughout the school day?  Check out the following -
Classroom Activity Posters, Mini Movement Breaks, Roll Some Fun, Dancing with the Owls and Educational Sensory Motor Activities.

Reference: Michigan State University. Exercise may lead to better school performance for kids with ADHD. Retrieved from the web on 10/17/12 at

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