Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Immersion in the Skill

Here is something to try that does not have to necessarily do with swimming - immersion in one particular motor skill.  When we are teaching a child a new motor skill or perhaps working on refining a motor skill, try bombarding the child with the skill.  Here are some examples:
  • The goal is to write a circle.  Overload the child with circles during the therapy session.  For example, cardboard tube slices, tub tops, jar lids, paper plate stencils, hot glue rubbings, salt tray, etc all to practice manipulating and writing circles.  
  •  The goal is to jump forward 6 inches with two feet together.  Overload jumping skills with watching videos of children jumping, model the proper jump, play a game with frogs who jump, jump on a trampoline and more.
  • The goal is to perform a sit to stand transfer with verbal cues.  Practice sit to stand transfers in many different chairs, video tape the sit to stand transfer and watch it, practice manipulating action figures or Barbie type dolls moving from sitting to standing, etc.
Take the time to discuss with the child the importance of the skill.  By providing all the opportunities and examples of the skill will hopefully teach the child how important the skill is and to help provide the child with internal motivation to achieve the goal.

What do you do to "overload" a child to learn or refine a motor skill?  

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