Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Toy Review - Stenzzles

Stenzzles is a new type of puzzle created by ThinkFun.  I received a complimentary copy of the puzzle to review for the blog.  This sports collection Stenzzles was a fun, challenging layered puzzle.  Basically, you match the layers of colors in the puzzle to the picture provided.  There are 8 different cards that can be turned 8 different ways to complete the layered puzzle picture of various sports such as running, football and yoga.

Here are the pros for this toy:
  • challenges visual perceptual, visual closure and visual form constancy
  • small, compact and lightweight (perfect for tossing into a therapy bag for therapists on the go)
  • sneak in some physical activity by trying out some actions from the sports puzzles (complete the running puzzle followed by running in place or around the track)
  • accurate age description, definitely ages 8 through adulthood
  • novelty - I really enjoyed this different type of puzzle and I do not like traditional puzzles
  • encourages perseverance, focus and attention span 
  • encourages bilateral coordination to stack and match up the cards 
  • use as traditional stencils to trace the pictures
  • trace the stencils on paper and act out each sporting activity
  • would make a nice challenge activity for free time in a classroom
Here are the cons for this toy:
  • for some students (even ages 8 and up) this may be too challenging of a visual perceptual task resulting in frustration
Have any of you tried this new "puzzle"?  

If you want more information check out the ThinkFun website.

1 comment:

Abby said...

I love ThinkFun toys! These look great for working on visual perceptual skills.

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