Tuesday, February 26, 2013

10 Simple Ways to Work on Balance

Here are 10 simple ways for children to work on balance skills throughout the day:

1.  Walk up and down stairs or curbs - each time you take a step you are balancing on one foot.

2.  Ride a bicycle - this task requires postural control and balance

3.  Ride a scooter - obviously three wheeled scooters are easier than two wheeled scooters

4.  Walk on uneven terrain - walk on grass, rocks or dirt.  Wet, thick, mud is a big challenge.  Walk on uneven terrain with no shoes on for a bigger challenge ie sand.

5.  Play a game of kickball or soccer.  You need to stand on one foot to kick the ball.

6.  Play follow the leader practicing walking fast, slow, backwards and sideways.

7.  Pretend to be a tight rope walker - Walk heel to toe along any line, try on your toes or your heels.

8.  Try putting on your pants in standing - this is a real balance challenge to stand on one foot while putting the other leg in pants.  Want to make it harder? Try putting socks on in standing without falling.

9.  Walk along curbs or balance beams at the park.

10.  Go on a hike searching out some logs or big rocks to climb.  

Check out What? Why? and How? Series 1 for 10 forms that explain the what, why and how of physical activity in children, locomotor skills, trunk muscles, equilibrium reactions and more.

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