Friday, February 22, 2013

Wait for a Motor Response

Tip of the day:  Do you always remember to wait for a child's motor response following directions?  I know I do not.  A simple tip is to countdown from 5 (or even 10 for some children) to wait each time you give a specific motor direction.  Whether it be about picking up small objects, playing hopscotch or completing a handwriting assignment children need time to process the information in order to form a motor response.

In addition, by giving them time to form the response you get a clearer picture of how they interpreted the verbal directions.  If we fire off another verbal motor command before they act on the first direction, then it is hard to determine what information they actually required to complete the task.

So try this challenge - every verbal motor command that you request count to five slowly after each one.  See if you notice a difference in the child's independent output.   

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