Monday, April 15, 2013

Google Chrome Free Typing Games

After reading a blog post from Free Resources from the Net for Every Learner (awesome blog to follow by the way) on some new free typing games available through Google Chrome, I figured I would give them a try.  I happen to use Google Chrome as a browser often because it has some nice features that Internet Explorer does not offer (plus it crashes a whole lot less). 

The first game I tried was Type Scout.  This is no frills typing practice but keeps nice data regarding your typing progress.  Basically you just follow what is on the screen and practice.  You can modify what letters or words are practiced if you want or just follow what it sets up for you.  In addition, you can turn on audio to have the letters or words read to you.  There is a tetris type game but a bit boring compared to other typing games that are available. 

Next I tried Nitro Type.  This typing game is really fun and I enjoyed playing it although I consider myself a good typist.  You need to type the words and it moves your car along in a race.  It has beautiful, fun graphics.  It also provides nice data for words per minute and accuracy.  If you create a free account it will save your data.  This game is definitely for students who are somewhat decent typists to start.

The third one I tried was Type Fu.  This again was a basic learn to type activity.  The different thing about this game is the beautiful graphs it makes about your progress.  It can show your progress for words per minutes and accuracy over one session or comparing previous sessions.  This would be a great one to use to perhaps test a student's skills after practicing with other typing games.  If you could print the graphs to show teachers and parents this app would be amazing.  Maybe you could do a screenshot but I could not figure out how to print the graphs. 

Would love to hear what your favorite typing programs are? 

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OT Ashley said...

I'm a school based OT and I love! It is a wonderful program that shows color coded visuals for finger reaches for your fingers and keys. It also allows you to delete mistakes, the models your typing from do not move and can be used for any level! It has three sections including lessons, tests and games and they can be adjusted for whatever level you are starting at. It doesn't track data, but it does give a speed and accuracy score. It even allows you to print a certificate once you complete each level.

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