Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tracking Data App

Thanks to the OTwithApps blog I heard about the TrackandShare app. This app is really amazing for tracking data over time. I had been playing around with the lite version (free) and quickly upgraded to Pro since the lite limits how many entries you can input.

This app is wonderful to track patterns or progress over time. If you want to start with the regular app settings it would be wonderful to track behavior for students.  It comes all set to go to track happiness, stress, weather, etc.

As a PT I am not usually involved for tracking behavior but it is very easy to use and customizable for any goals. I started out tracking time on treadmill. You can enter in minutes and seconds how long a child completed on the treadmill. All you have to do is write the time and hit the stamp button. Then you can view a graph of progress over a day, week or month.

If you just want to track one student you put various measurements in different categories. If you want to track different students you can create different categories naming them for each student. This would make a great app to determine if a student's sensory diet was effective.  Basically it can keep track of any intervention. 

Now let say you want a paper record of all the data you have collected. You can share it via email. It is not graphed but in table format.

I give this app a super thumbs up for tracking progress. The pro version is only $1.99.

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