Thursday, May 2, 2013

5 Alternatives to Traditional Therex At Home

Near the end of the school year, the weather gets nice and the children get antsy to be done with school.  Asking children and parents to do traditional therapeutic exercises at home can be difficult this time of year.  Here are 5 alternatives to traditional therex at home:

1.  Instead of asking a child to perform a traditional exercise ask the child to think of an activity that strengthens the same specific muscles or muscle groups.

2.  Instead of sending home an activity idea, ask the child to find objects or materials in their own house that they could use to work on a certain skill.

3. Instead of assigning traditional home exercises, sneak in therapeutic exercises through everyday play or chores.  Check out Therapeutic Activities for Home and School for ideas.

4.  Instead of assigning a certain practice activity, ask the child to find a skill at home that he/she needs to improve and report back on a way to practice that skill at school and at home.

5.  Instead of suggesting games to play at home to practice skills, ask the child to create a game to practice a certain skill.

What other ideas do you have to switch up home exercise programs?

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