Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Top 10 Benefits of Physical Activity for Children

Here are 10 benefits of physical activity for children:

10.  Improves children's overall physical fitness

9.  Practice motor skills

8.  Healthy competition when active in sports

7.  Improves self confidence

6.  Encourages socialization when physically active with friends

5.  Reduces obesity

4.  Improves the mood

3.  Helps with self regulation

2.  Encourages setting and acheiving goals

1.  BRAIN BOOSTER!!!!!!!  The positive benefits of physical activity include cognitive skills (executive functioning, attention span, memory and verbal comprehension), higher academic test scores, motor planning and impulse control.

Need ideas to get kids moving? 

Check out the following:
freebie page for gross motor activitieshttp://yourtherapysource.com/freestuff.html
50 Sensory Motor Activities for Kidshttp://yourtherapysource.com/50book.html

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MamaFilipina.ph said...

Encouraging your kid to physically move and be active is very important for you furthermore. Youngsters tend to mimic their oldsters, and if your own health habits are but ideal, your youngsters are probably to imitate. Rather than setting a poor example, let your kid see you partaking in regular exercise. Simply thirty minutes every day is enough to expertise an excellent health boost, and although your kid does not seem to be listening, they are.

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