Thursday, July 11, 2013

Follow Through with Home Physical Therapy Programs

Musculoskeletal Care published research on adherence to home physiotherapy in children and young people with joint hypermobility.  Twenty eight families participated in a qualitative study that included multidisciplinary treatment interventions including physical therapy for children (5-17 years old).  The parents and the children reported that exercise helped the symptoms of joint hypermobility. 

There was increased follow through to exercise programs with the following:
  • Parental motivation
  • adapting family routines
  • making exercise a family activity
  • seeing benefit increased adherence to exercise
When exercise programs were not adhered to the following was reported:
  • lower levels of parental supervision
  • not understanding the treatment
  • not seeing benefit 
  • not having specific time to dedicate to doing the exercises.
Reference:   Birt, L., Pfeil, M., MacGregor, A., Armon, K. and Poland, F. (2013), Adherence to Home Physiotherapy Treatment in Children and Young People with Joint Hypermobility: A Qualitative Report of Family Perspectives on Acceptability and Efficacy. Musculoskelet. Care. doi: 10.1002/msc.1055

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