Friday, July 5, 2013

Yoga App Review - Super Stretch Yoga

Here is another app, Super Stretch Yoga, to get kids moving and it is free!  This is a nice overall app with simple directions and a slow pace (great for those kids who need some extra time to learn a pose). 

Here are benefits:
  • combines technology with movement
  • slower pace
  • you can repeat the pose over and over again if you choose or go through all the poses at once
  • there is a cartoon clip art associating an animal with the pose and there is video of children performing each pose
  • after each pose you have the child take three breaths to calm the mind and build energy
  • free!
Here are the negatives:
  • some of the videos of the children do not provide a clear picture of the directions but it is a great start
This is a nice app to add to your iPad collection to encourage physical activity in children.

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