Thursday, October 17, 2013

Complete the Name Puzzles

Here is a super simple but super effective name recognition activity.  Begin with writing the child's name on an index card.  Write it a second time on another index card.  Cut the first letter of the name off of the index card creating a two piece puzzle to create the name.  If the child can master this, repeat but cut the index card creating a three piece puzzle to create the name.  Continue writing the name and cutting the cards until the child can put together the name with all the letters cut apart.  When the child can do this easily and is ready to start practicing writing his/her name you can create a worksheet with the same concept.  The child can practice writing in the missing letters.

This activity is great because it can be differentiated for each student.   I wrote each name card in different colors for the different puzzles to make it just a little bit easier to match them up.  In the picture above, the little one found it easier to place the letters directly on top of the completed index card.  It would be more difficult to recreate the name next to the completed name card.  The little one pictured is not ready to start name writing yet, but this activity will certainly help her once she is ready to write.  It allows her to recognize the letters in her name, understand that we write from left to right and that letters put together form words.  Not to mention all the visual discrimination, visual motor and visual spatial skills that are also being challenged when completing the name puzzles.

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