Monday, October 21, 2013

Jump Jump Froggy App for iPhone and iPad

Here is a fun FREE app called Jump Jump Froggy.  Download the app and open it up.

There are 4 ways to play -

Graph Hopper: Jump in place and it raises the graph.  Great activity to combine math (graphing) with movement!  Also, nice visual to show children progress over time with jumping skills.

Jump Jump Froggy: Jump up and down with the iPad to catch flies. Difficult to use.

 Pushing Ants: Do push ups over the iPad and it counts the push ups adding up ants.  Fun game to add some motivation to doing push ups. 

 Sit Up Snake: Do sit ups holding the iPad and the snake moves along the bottom.  Another fun visual to increase motivation to complete sit ups.

This app adds some novelty to the regular old exercise routine for kids.  The only complaint is the catching flies game - very hard to do so kids may get frustrated.  All the others are quite simple and work well.  The push up counter is really fun but just make sure the kids don't cheat on the push up form.  The sit up counter works well but many kids who receive pediatric therapy services can not do a full sit up holding an object so it will be tough. Forgot to mention the music is really peppy and fun.

If you want to race against another person there is a paid version and the other person has to have their own device.  I did not try this out.

You can watch this YouTube video to get a better idea of how the app works:

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