Monday, October 7, 2013

Simple Visual Closure Activity

Simple Visual Closure Activity
Here is a simple and easy visual closure activity with some cutting practice thrown in there.  

For this activity you will need:
1.  Small file folders or folded cardstock - I had some small index card file folders that were perfect for this activity.
2.  magazine
3.  scissors
4.  glue

1.  Cut out small pictures from a magazine.  Close up pictures work best.
2.  An adult should cut small windows in the front of each folder.  I used a circle cutter from my scrapbooking supplies.
3.  Glue the magazine picture inside the file folder.
4.  Close up the folders.
5.  Shuffle up the cards.  Can the child guess what picture is inside the folder?

To make this task more difficult have the cards ready for the child so that he/she has no idea what the picture may be.  Perhaps ask questions to the child such as: does it look soft? does it look like food? 

If you still want the child to be involved in creating the window cards, have he/she make a set for another child and then swap.  It would be a fun game since the one child will know what is inside the card.  

This activity encourages:

  • visual closure skills
  • scissor skills

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