Thursday, January 2, 2014

10 Ways to Practice Catching and Throwing Skills By Yourself

Here are 10 ways to encourage catching and throwing skills in children that they can do all by themselves:

1.  Toss a balloon up in the air and catch it.

2.  Bat a balloon up and down in the air using your hands.  How many times can you keep it up in the air without it dropping to the floor?

3.  Toss a scarf or small handkerchief in the air and catch it.   

4.  Try throwing up a playground size ball and catching it and then progress to a tennis ball.

5.  Try tossing and catching a ball up in the air standing inside of a hula hoop. 

6.  Walk forward and toss and catch a balloon, scarf or ball depending upon your abilities.

7.  Toss a balloon or ball up in the air, clap your hands and then catch the ball.

8.  Bounce a ball on the floor and catch it. 

9.  Bounce a ball on the floor, clap your hands and catch it.

10.  Toss a ball at the wall, let the ball bounce and catch it. 

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