Friday, March 28, 2014

5 Free Positive Reinforcements Ideas to Use for Therapy Sessions

5 Free Positive Reinforcement IdeasAs the school year progresses, it can be hard to motivate children to participate in therapy sessions or to complete in class or home exercise suggestions.  Here are 5 ways to use positive reinforcement during therapy sessions:

1.  Therapy Tickets:  Earn tickets for following rules, completing exercises, etc.  Place your tickets in a cup and see if you win the prize!  Download the free printable at

2.  Reward Box:  When the box is full, the child earns a reward.  Print out the freebie and make the box with tickets at

3.  Reward Punch Cards for OT/PT and Speech:  Give the child a punch card.  Determine what skill the child will have to accomplish to get a punch hole.  When the 10 holes are punched the child wins a reward.  Get the free punch cards at

4.  Therapy Bingo:  Print out the bingo page and fill in activities of your choice.  When child completes the activity or follows a rule, color in the box.  When the child achieves 4 items in a row, he/she wins a reward.  Another option is to complete the whole board to receive a reward.  Download the bingo board at

5.  Token Economy System for OT/PT/Speech:  The child completes certain tasks to earn "therapy money".  That therapy money is then exchanged for rewards.  Don't forget that you can get "fined" as well therefore losing money.  Great way to review money skills while rewarding appropriate behavior.  Print out the free printables at

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