Tuesday, March 11, 2014

5 Tips to Help Students Be Independent with Modifications

5 tips modificationsModifications to the school environment can greatly benefit students with disabilities. School staff needs to teach students to be independent in making sure that modifications are in place in the learning environment.  It is not our job to simple recommend modifications it is also our job as educators/therapists to ensure that the modifications are carried out on a daily basis.  Without the student's approval there will not be follow through on modifications in the classroom.

Here are 5 tips to help students be independent with modifications in the classroom: 

1.  Explain to the student the benefits of modifications.  Provide before and after data or examples directly from the students academic work.

2.  Educate the student on modifications - Explain to the student different supports that are available to him/her.  

3.  Review on what has worked in the past - If a student has tried a certain modification with no overall changes keep that in mind.  Things change over time and sometimes a certain modification can be worth revisiting.

4.  Teach the student self-advocacy skills.  Practice having the student explain to school staff why they need certain modifications.  This will be a life long skill to master.

5.  Reassure the student that it is okay to ask for help.   We all need help with certain aspect of our lives.  No one is perfect.  Every student needs extra help at some point.

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