Thursday, March 27, 2014

Drawnimal App - Combines "Real" Drawing with Animation

Drawnimal app real drawing plus animationI love when an app comes along that is different than every other app.  Drawnimal is a new type of app although simple.  It is currently free today (3/28/14).  Basically, you put paper down underneath your iPad, draw the simple images it shows you on real paper (see picture above tail and mouse ears).  Then tap the iPad and an animated surprise occurs for each letter animal.  

The drawings are mostly pretty simple so this may be a good fit for some basic visual motor skills.  The novelty factor is a big hit.  The big bonus is alphabet review while you are drawing.  Maybe add in some movement, and have the child move like each animal after each one is drawn.  Throw in handwriting practice and the child can write the name of the animal on the paper.

I give this app a big thumbs up.  I love any apps that combine "real" life skills with the iPad.  

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