Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Research on a Collaborative Fine Motor Program

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Ingrid King, OT, has written research on a collaborative fine motor program for 5 year old children in New Zealand.  A two phased mixed method design was utilized with 19 students in a 5 year old classroom (none of the students were receiving occupational therapy nor had a diagnosis).  To measure changes in fine motor skills a group pre- and post-test was performed.  A five year follow up study was completed to determine the teacher's perceptions.  The intervention consisted of a fine motor program for the entire class led by the occupational therapist (which were then repeated by the teaching staff) one time per week for 8 weeks.  Following the first 8 weeks, an additional fine motor program was completed for 12 weeks for only 6 of the students.  

The results indicated the following:

  • a significant difference was found in the groups fine motor performance following the the collaborative teaching training

  • the teacher continued to use the knowledge and activities after the training was complete.

You can read the entire study here  Find out more about the fine motor program used for the study at

Reference:  King, I. Then and Now: Addressing Young Students' Fine Motor Needs Through a Collaborative Modelling Teacher Training Intervention.  Copyright 2014. Ingrid C. King


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