Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Vertical Puzzles

vertical puzzles Here is a simple way to make vertical puzzles.  By hanging up the puzzles on the wall or in an upright position you encourage an increase in upper extremity active range of motion, wrist extension and can sneak in some gross motor skills (ie squatting and reaching up high).

Find an old poster or use the back of a cereal box.

Cut it into large strips.

vertical puzzles 1

Decide if you want to use a pool noodle to create your vertical puzzle or contact paper (reversed on wall so sticky side is facing out).

vertical puzzles 2For the pool noodle version, slice a pool noodle in half lengthwise.  Then cut a strip down the middle of the pool noodle all the way through.  Only cut through the middle of the pool noodle not on either end.  Slip the cardboard in to help hold up the puzzle pieces.  Now you have an easel to put your vertical puzzle back together again.  Slide in each piece of the puzzle.

vertical puzzles 3For the sticky paper version, on a wall hang up the contact paper with the sticky side facing out.  Use painter's tape around edges to hold it up.  Now reassemble your puzzle pieces right on the sticky paper.  Place the sticky paper higher up on the wall and the puzzle pieces on the floor to encourage squatting and reaching tall when reassembling the puzzle.   

Puzzles on Paper

Check out Puzzles on Paper.  It includes 40+ puzzles to challenge visual spatial and visual closure skills.  Find out more information at http://yourtherapysource.com/puzzlepaper.html



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