Saturday, April 12, 2014

5 FREE Printables to Practice Scissor Skills and More

Free scissor practiceHere are 5 FREE printables to practice scissor skills, visual perceptual skills and motor planning skills:

1.  Step By Step Puppy - cut out the simple shapes and follow the step by step directions.  You can download it here

2.  Cutting Cards - Practice cutting skills on these smaller 3x5" cards.  Download a few sample pages at

3.  Speed Match - Cut apart the rectangles or simple shapes to test your visual perceptual skills.  Download the free sample page at

4.  Cut and Paste Pig Puzzle - Cut apart the puzzle, mix it up and glue it back together.  Download some additional free sample pages at

5.  Shape Stationary - Cut and fold this stationary to send a nice note to a friend or family member.  Practice cutting skills, fine motor skills and handwriting all in one!  Download this freebie at

Check out all of our freebies at




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