Friday, June 20, 2014

3 Simple Organizational Tips for Students

3 simple organize

Students desks can get very messy but when a student has difficulties with organizational skills it can be even more difficult.  Pencils roll away, worksheets get lost or crumpled and books are on the floor.  Here are three simple ways to clean up and organize that desk space:

1.  The Anti Roll Pencil - just put a velcro dot on the pencil and one on the desk.  Now each time the student puts the pencil on the velcro dot it will not be out of reach.  Have a student who likes to fidget with things?  Wrap a small strip around the pencil instead of just a velcro dot.

2.  The Fridge - If the student has a metal desk and they have not completed a worksheet or assignment, just hang it on the side using a magnet clip (just like you hang papers on the refrigerator).  The worksheet will not get wrinkled or lost among others paper.

3.   Backpack Chair - Grab a $1 jumbo stretchy book cover.  Put one side over the back of the chair and toss a book or folder in the other side.  Then the book is off the desk to make room to write but not out of arm's reach.


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