Monday, July 14, 2014

Creating a Professional Development Library

Creating a professional development libraryWe all know how expensive professional development resources can be especially in the therapy world. Textbooks can be pricey along with individual research articles. For school based therapists, perhaps create a collaborative PD "library".  

You could create a real collection where all the therapists in your district bring in their resources.   Store them all on a book shelf with a simple check out system.   Set a time limit on how long an item can be checked out ie two weeks or four weeks.   Make sure everyone writes their names clearly on the resource material.   When borrowing an item write down your name, the title and the date you borrowed it on an index card.   Slip it in a box and read away.   Return the item within the designated time frame.

Another option is to create a virtual library. Create a list of what resources everyone owns. When someone wants to borrow an item, contact the owner and make a borrow request.  The owner of the resource knows exactly who has it then and can keep track of it.   Remember to still add a due date so no one has the resource for too long or forgets to return it.

Do you have access to a professional development library at your job?

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