Thursday, July 17, 2014

OT Life Hacks

OT Life Hacks

During the month of July the AOTA and other associations have banded together to promote #OTLifeHacks on social media.  A life hack is any trick, shortcut, skill, or new method that helps to solve an everyday problem.  Abby over at OT Cafe at encouraged some other therapy bloggers to join in the #OTLifeHack fun. Here are 3 life hacks from Your Therapy Source:

Straw cup

1.  Clothespin Straw - make a hands free cup and straw.  Read more details at

rug gripper

2.  Rug Grippers - create some non skid mats for gross motor activities.  Read more at

organizational tips

3.  Organizational Hacks - create 3 handy organizational tools for a student's desk.  Read more at

Want to read about some more #OTLifeHacks?  Hop over to these following blogs -

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Therapy Fun Zone at

OT Cafe at



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