Thursday, July 24, 2014

Teach Playground Rules

Rules for the Playground from

Do you work with children who are unsafe on the playground at recess time?  Perhaps it is a lack of body awareness, safety awareness or decreased motor skills but keep in mind it could be a lack of understanding of what the rules are during recess. Review rules with children at the start of the school year. This will set clear expectations of what behavior is required of them on the playground during recess and free play.

For example, explain to them that only one person can use the slide at a time.  Remind them to beware of other people on the swings.  That you can only go down the slide and not climb up the slide.  Review what areas are safe to jump down from and what are too high to jump down from.  Walk the boundaries of the playground so that the student knows where they are expected to remain during recess time.

It may be helpful for you and the student to create a list of rules for the playground.  The student can then refer to those as reminders before each recess time.

Do you start the school year out by teaching rules on the playground or move directly to motor learning tasks?  Something to think about...



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