Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Different Pens, Different Handwriting Results

Different pens different handwriting - www.YourTherapySource.comThe Wall Street Journal had an interesting article entitled Pens for Better Penmanship: Don't Forget (How) to Write! by Chris Kornelis.  Over time using a keyboard effects our handwriting.  The author offers some tips to help get handwriting back on track - pick the correct writing implement, choose appropriate paper and practice.  The different types of writing utensils are discussed:

1. Avoid rollerball pens - the ink flows to quickly.

2.  Ball point pens may require excessive pressure.

3.  Best choice - fountain pen.  It forces you to slow down as you write.

4.  Try a pencil if you don't want to use a fountain pen because they do not require a considerable amount of pressure.

Reference:  Kornelis, C.  Pens for Better Penmanship: Don't Forget (How) to Write! Retrieved from the web on 9/9/14 at

Have you ever tried using a fountain pen with your students?  How about rollerball pens for children who do not apply enough pressure?  Or perhaps a ball point pen to force a child to apply more pressure when writing?


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