Monday, September 29, 2014

Tips for Scheduling Team Meetings

Tips for Scheduling Team Meetings from

With the school year in full swing, sometimes problems come to a forefront where the entire team needs to meet on a certain student.  Or perhaps, to prevent problems from arising team meetings are needed to make sure all the key players are on the same page when supporting a student.  Now in theory team meetings are wonderful.  Based on my experience, I always benefited when all of the related service providers, teachers, parents, student and sometimes administrators were all in the room at the same time.   I gained wonderful insight about the student especially from the parents.  But, and this is a big BUT, it was very hard to schedule.  Therapists schedules are jammed packed, teachers need a sub to cover the classroom and parents may work full time.  Here are five suggestions for team meeting times that may help to bring everyone "together" to discuss a student:

1. After school in person:  when all of the students have left this can be a great time to meet.  Granted it may be off the time clock, but everyone is usually available.

2. Via email:  Depending upon the privacy of your email accounts, you could discuss issues via email.  Just make sure you check with your technology department and administrator regarding privacy.

3. During lunch schedule with different teachers:  Perhaps you can not get the entire team together but could at least meet with teachers during a lunch period.  Schedule different teachers on different days.

4. Communication notebook:  Keep a notebook available that travels with the student from home to school so all providers can keep up to date.  Check out My School Journal at or make a binder with some forms from School and Home Communication Forms.  

5. Skype after hours:  If all else fails, try Skype for after hours team meetings.

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