Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Variations in Sensory Processing and Autism


variations in sensory processing and autismThe Journal of Autism and Developmental Disabilities published research to determine if sensory processing varies along the autism spectrum.  Continuous EEG recordings were made to determine how fast the brains of 43 children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)  were processing either a simple auditory tone, a visual image (red circle), or a tone combined with an image, and instructed to press a button as soon as possible after hearing the tone, seeing the image or seeing and hearing the two stimuli together.  The results reveled the following:

"1.  The speed with which the subjects processed auditory signals strongly correlated with the severity of their symptoms: the more time required for an ASD individual to process the auditory signals, the more severe that person's autistic symptoms.

 2.  The study also found a significant though weaker correlation between the speed of processing combined audio-visual signals and ASD severity.

 3.  No link was observed between visual processing and ASD severity."

The researchers hope that using EEG recordings may help to diagnosis ASD earlier.

Watch the video:

Reference: Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Brainwave Test Could Improve Autism Diagnosis and Classification.  Retrieved on 9/23/14 at

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