Sunday, December 28, 2014

School Based Therapy Resolutions for 2015

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Here are some suggestions for school based therapy resolutions:

1. Realistic Home/Classroom Programs – I will make every effort to provide parents and teachers with activities that are easy to carry out in the home or classroom.

2. Take the time to observe – I will take the time to just observe. I will document observations in the classroom or home in writing or with photographs. It is very difficult to determine needs if you do not have an idea of baseline issues.

3. Make the children part of the therapy process – I will incorporate the children in each therapy session by allowing them to make choices. I will discuss goal setting with each child.

4. Be patient – I will encourage children to think critically and problem solve independently by allowing them enough time to form a motor response without interfering. Therapy sessions usually only last 30 minutes and we want to jam pack them with activities. Slow down and let the children respond – quality is better than quantity. Let me re-phrase that…independence is better than dependence (regardless of quality at times).

5. Document correctly in a timely manner – I will document therapy sessions immediately following the session so that the documentation is accurate.

6. Set a goal for each therapy session – I will set small, realistic goals for each therapy session.

7. Keep it fun, fun, fun!!!! – I will keep therapy sessions fun. Some children have to attend therapy sessions for years, keep it novel, motivating and fun.

Care to add to the list with your goals for 2015?


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