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Balance Skills and Obesity in Children

balance skills, quality of life and obesity - www.YourTherapySource.comAppetite published research on whether balance skills and quality of life are influenced by childhood obesity.  Eighty seven children who were classified as Class 1 obese (BMI SDS 2.0-2.49) and Class 2 obese (BMI SDS > 2.5) were evaluated using the BOT-II to measure balance and the PedsQL to determine quality of life.  Statistical analysis indicated the following:

  1.  the mean balance was 26.52 ± 5.2 out of a maximum of 37 on the BOT-II

  2.  overall 71.26% of the children had impaired balance

  3. C2 obese children (BMI > 2.5) had lower balance scores compared to C1 obese children

  4. the mean quality of life score was 59.0% ± 19.8% (C1 60.7% ± 19.1; C2 57.44 ± 19.8)

  5. the children with balance impairment had lower quality of life

The researchers concluded that balance was impaired in children who were obese and that those children had a lower quality of life. The researchers recommend conducting a physiotherapy assessment in children who are obese.

Reference: O’Malley, G. et al. Are balance and quality of life impaired in children who are obese? Appetite Volume 76, 1 May 2014, Pages 198


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