Friday, February 13, 2015

Database for Rehabilitation Measures - Most are FREE!

database for rehabilitation measures - most are free my Facebook feed, HeartSpace Physical Therapy for Children , shared a link to a database of over 200 rehabilitation measures.  Many of them are FREE and available in PDF format.  It doesn't get any easier than that for a last minute assessment.  Some of the resources are for the pediatric population so it is definitely worth it to look it over and bookmark your favorites.  There are so many to choose from and it will take a little time to go through the whole list.  The Rehabilitation Measures Database can be found here 

I would like to highlight one of the measures each week that are suitable for the pediatric population.  I will go in alphabetical order so it is manageable.

The first one suitable for pediatrics is the 10 Meter Walk Test.

10 meter walk test -

Purpose:   Assesses walking speed in meters per second over a short duration

Age Range:  Preschool Child: 2-5 years; Child: 6-12 years; Adolescent: 13-17 years; Adult: 18-64 years; Elderly adult: 65+

Abilities:  Can use an assistive device is used consistently and documented.  Can not use if individual requires physical assistance to ambulate

Equipment: stopwatch, clear pathway for 10 meters, pen and paper

Test-Retest Reliability: Children with Neuromuscular Disease: (Pirpiris, 2003; n = 29; mean age = 11.5 (3.5) years (6-16), Children with Neuromuscular Disease) Excellent test-retest reliability (ICC = 0.91)

PDF version of test:

Reference:  Rehab Measures 10 Meter Walk Test. Retreived from the web on 2/13/15 at


Data Collection for School Based Occupational and Physical Therapy from


Title: Data Tracking Forms for School Based Occupational and Physical Therapy
By: Your Therapy Source Inc

Summary: Download of 7 data collection forms for monitoring progress
in occupational and physical therapy in the school setting

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