Friday, February 27, 2015

Easy Visual Motor Activity

easy visual motor activity - download the template at is a simple activity to set up that incorporates fine motor and visual motor skills.

1.  Download the template for the activity at

2.  Ask the child to put stickers in each box.  If you do not have stickers, the child can cut out different shapes.  Glue the shapes in each box.

3.  Ask the child to trace over and around each shape.

That's it!  Super simple with materials that you have around the house or school.


Visual Motor Bingo from


Visual Motor Bingo:  This download is a collection of 5 different bingo games to print and play. There are game boards for pre-writing skills, shape formation, letter formation (capital and lowercase) and number formation. You can print and create your own dice or use calling cards for the games. For letter and number formation there are two versions - you can trace dotted letters or trace over letters directly. To practice letter/number recognition you can just practice finding the letters/numbers instead of tracing.  FIND OUT MORE AT

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