Sunday, February 22, 2015

Postural Care A to Z Free Resource

A to Z of Postural Care FREE resource - www.YourTherapySource.comAnother great resource found on Facebook.  This resource was shared by Sparkle Occupational Therapy.  It is an award winning document entitled The A to Z of Postural Care from the University of Kent.  The document discusses various types of adaptive equipment, manual handling, emotional support, inclusive education and the golden rules about equipment use.  Then it goes through each letter of the alphabet discussing postural tips and facts ie A is for alignment, ask, ability and attitudes.

You can download the 52 page document for FREE here


Classroom Activity Posters from


Classroom Activity Posters: a collection of 16 exercise activities, 4 large posters and a brief, simple video demonstration of each exercise.  The posters are divided into four groups: posture, alerting, ready to work and focus/balance. All of the exercises are performed in standing. Try these activities prior to starting fine motor activities, for posture breaks, to refocus students attention and for vestibular/ proprioceptive input in the classroom.



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