Thursday, April 23, 2015

10 Ways to Walk Across a Balance Beam

10 ways to walk across a balance beam - to challenge a child's balance?  Trying walking different ways across a beam.  If you don't have a balance beam, you can put a long strip of painter's tape on the floor or draw a line outdoors using sidewalk chalk.  Obviously, a child can walk forwards across a balance beam so here are 10 more ideas:

1.  Walk across the beam with hands over your head, out to the side or on your hips.

2.  Place small objects on the beam (ie beanbags) and the child has to step over the bean bags but stay on the beam.

3.  Walk sideways, high kicks or backwards across the beam.

4.   Walk on your tiptoes or heels across the beam.

5.  Walk across with hands and feet on the beam.

6.  Walk halfway across the beam, turn one full circle and continue across the beam.

7.  Walk across the beam balancing an object (ie bean bag or small book) on your head.

8.  Walk across the beam heel to toe.

9.  Walk across a beam to the beat of a metronome.

10.  Move like different animals across the beam.


cross the beam balance game from

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