Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Body Awareness and Spatial Awareness Activity

Body awareness and spatial relationship activity
Need a quick body awareness and spatial relationship brain break that combines estimation with movement and motor planning?  Here is a simple activity that helps students to understand spatial relationships to objects in the classroom.
Start out with each student standing up next to their desk.  Have them guess how many baby steps it will take to walk to the desk in front of them.  Once they have made the estimate, they can count the baby steps it takes.
Now try moving to a target further away with a different movement.  Guess how many jumps it will take to get to the window.  Once the estimate is made, the students can count the jumps it takes them to get to the window.  Return to the starting point.  Now ask the students to double the amount of jumps it took them to get to the window.  The students must now adjust the size of the jumps and how the body moves through space to take double the amount of jumps to the window.
Have the students partner up.  The students can stand at least 10 feet apart.  Estimate how many hops it will take to meet in the middle.  Test you guess and hop to meet in the middle.  Try again with different movements - ie backwards steps, heel to toe walking, lunges, marching etc.  Make sure to remind the students that part of the challenge is meet in the middle but not to touch each other.
Personal Space Journey from
Title: Personal Space JourneyBy:  Your Therapy Source Inc
Summary: Collection of activities to teach children about personal space
including many body awareness exercises and a social story on personal

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