Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Listen, Follow and Move

Listen for the Code Movement Game from www.YourTherapySource.comPurpose: Encourage listening skills, following motor commands, self regulation skills and left right directions.
Materials: small object i.e. toy car, small doll, etc.
Before you start establish what the movement pattern will be.  Try to write it down so the
children can refer to it if necessary.  For example a pattern could be the following:
clap one time to move forward
clap two times to turn to the right
clap three times to turn to the left
slap knee one time to move backwards
Pick one child to be “it”.  This child will have to listen to a pattern to determine where to
go to find a missing object.  The child needs to close his/her eyes while someone in the
group hides the object away from the child who is “it”.
Make sure all the children keep calm during the game since it does take some
Once the object is hidden, the child who is “it” can open his/her eyes.  Now the group
must direct the child to the hidden object only using the established code.  No talking
allowed.  You can have them take turns to clap out commands or agree to the code and
then all clap together.   Once the child finds the hidden object take turns letting the
other children be “it”.  Try changing the code every few rounds.
Want to make it harder?:  Play music in the background so the child has to filter out
the background noise and concentrate only on the established code.  Blindfold the
child and they have to feel for the hidden object.
Want to make it easier?  Limit the code to very simple directions – clap once to move
forward and clap twice to move backwards.  Use verbal directions for right and left.
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