Friday, October 23, 2015

Handwriting Paper Practice App Review

Handwriting Paper Practice App Review from
I heard about Writing Practice – Educators Edition with Ruled Paper from SmartAppsforKids and it is free today – 10/23/15.  I was just testing it out briefly and it seems like it could be useful for the following:
  1.  Free form writing – you can just write letters, shapes and numbers anywhere in different colors.  It is very basic but that is a positive.  Sometimes other apps that can do this have too many features or ads running on it.  This has just one writing option with different colors and no ads.
  2. Graph paper option – you can change the size of the graph paper to assist students in lining up math problems.  Just email or text the answers to the teacher to show the student’s work.
  3. Many handwriting practice page templates – there are many different lined papers to choose from and according to the developer if you need a certain one they will try and add it.
One problem occurs when you are using a stylus which occurs in many drawing type apps.  If you put your hand on the screen while writing with the stylus, your hand will mark up the screen and divert the lines you are writing.
Free today so it may be worth it to check it out!  You can download it here
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