Monday, December 14, 2015

5 Free Printables to Help Children with Self Calming

Here are 5 free printables to help children to calm down:

1.  All About Staying Calm Glyph:  A glyph is a symbol or code that conveys information nonverbally. The student follows the directions to color and draw a visual representation of the his/her information. Students can then analyze the completed glyphs and compare everyone’s information/preferences. A glyph is a nice alternative to written responses.  Here is a freebie from the All About Me Glyphs packet on All About Staying Calm.  You can download it at

2.  Cool Your Emotions:  Use clay and deep breathing to calm down.  Here is a great freebie from the Emotions Packet.  Practice fine motor, visual motor and self regulation skills with these freebies.  Download them here

3.  Self Calming Deep Breathing Activity:  Print and cut out the deep breathing cards.  The child can take 4 deep breaths trying to breath in through the nose (smelling the flowers) and out through the mouth (blowing out the candles).  You can print the activity at

4.  Calming Mandalas to Color:  Mandala means “circle” or “center.” Coloring mandalas can help to encourage relaxation, relieve stress, facilitate creativity and balance the body.  Here are three simple mandalas to color to help to calm the body.  They are perfect to add to a quiet corner or calm down kit in the classroom.

5.  Deep Breathing Self Calming Page - Directions for belly breathing.  

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