Friday, February 12, 2016

OT, PT and SLP Coloring Pages

OT and PT Coloring PagesWith intricate coloring sheets being super popular right now, I thought I would create a few for occupational and physical therapy.  Simple but cute!  Here are three things to do with your coloring sheets:
  1.  Color and decorate the therapy room.
  2.  Have a coloring contest and award a small prize to the winner.  Tell everyone not to write  their names on the front and let the students be the judges.
  3.  Make a puzzle.  Color in the picture and glue it onto lightweight cardboard (ie  cereal box).  Cut it apart and ask the children to put it back together again.

After receiving a request on Facebook, I created an SLP coloring page too!  You can download the OT, SLP and PT coloring pages at Your Therapy Source.
Want more coloring pages?  Check out these Animal Coloring Pages.  Download the free penguin page.

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