Friday, March 25, 2016

Free App Friday Suggestions for Pediatric Therapists

Here are a few free app suggestions.  These apps are always totally free which is awesome.  I did test these out.
iPhone Screenshot 1
  1.  Gigglebug’s Face Race:  This app is super cute for some oral motor and motor planning fun.  Basically an animated creature makes a face and you copy it.  The app snaps a photo and then compares the creature to you at the end.  Cute and fun.  May be challenging for some kids for sure.  iPhone Screenshot 2
  2. ChatterPix Kids:  This app would be great for some fun after drawing practice.  The child could practice drawing (maybe from Cut, Sequence, Paste and Draw Monsters).  Then snap a photo, draw a line over the mouth, record a message for up to 30 seconds and hit play. Your drawing will come to life with your voice.  Entertaining.iPhone Screenshot 1
  3. Laugh & Learn™ Shapes & Colors Music Show:  This is a basic colorful app.  The shapes appear and the child can move them around the screen with colorful mini shapes that follow.  Bright, simple visual motor task.  Motivating to learn about shapes.  Carry over the activity and create the I Can Draw Shapes Mini Books.
Happy App Friday!

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