Monday, March 14, 2016

Visual Perceptual Clothes Pin Games

VIsual Perceptual Clothes Pin Games Sample PagesI am so excited about this new download, Visual Perceptual Clothes Pin Games, that combines visual perceptual skills, hand strengthening and play skills.
Visual Perceptual Clothes pin Dinosaur Game
The first game is the Dinosaur Shadow Game.  It includes four different dinosaurs to pin your clothes pins on if your dinosaur matches the shadow on the board game.
Visual Perceptual Clothes pin Number line Game
The next game is the Number Line Clothes Pin Game.  Move along the board game, using your clothes pin to either add or subtract numbers.
Visual Perceptual Clothes pin sock GameThis is the Clothes Line Sock Game.  Cut apart the cards and see who can get all their clothes pins on the sock clothes line first!
Visual Perceptual Clothes pin spider GameThe last game is the Clothes Pin Spider Game.  Match up numbers, colors or facial expressions to get the 8 legs on the spider.
Visual Perceptual Clothes Pin Games
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