Monday, September 26, 2016

5 Activity Ideas to Practice Motor Planning


Here are 5 activity ideas to practice motor planning skills:

Ninja Clothes Pin ClipsNinja Clothes Pin Clip Activity – find the matching Ninja, move your body like the Ninja and clip the Ninja to the circle. Download the Ninja Free Activity.

Motor Planning with Pool Noodles from Planning with Pool Noodles – here is a super easy set up but challenging activity to encourage motor planning skills, coordination and body awareness. Cut up pool noodles lengthwise and lay them on the floor in different directions. Ask the child to jump from noodle to noodle keeping the pool noodle between the feet.  Watch a video of it in action.

Box_Balance-214x190Box Balance Game – Watch the video at YourTherapySource to see how to play the Box Balance game to encourage balance skills, motor planning, body awareness, eye foot coordination and right/left discrimination.

Simon Says FreebieHere is a fun, new freebie from the latest download, Simon Says.  Print off these 9 cards to play a quick game of Simon Says.  Can the children copy the body poses exactly?  These are 9 samples cards from the HUGE collection of body position cards from the complete Simon Says download.

rhythmic-timing-and-motor-planning-videoTry this rhythmic timing and motor planning activity with a small group.  Trickier than it looks!

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