Saturday, December 3, 2016

5 Ways to Play with Mini Erasers


Have you seen all the adorable mini erasers at the Target dollar spot?  They are also frequently at party stores and other dollar stores, too. They are festive, fun and cheap.  Big bonus – they are great for fine motor activities.  Here are 5 ideas to use mini erasers to work on children’s fine motor skills.


Mini Eraser Idea #1:  Count the Erasers – Put the mini erasers directly on your printer or copy machine lined up in order.  Make a color copy of the erasers.  Now write in the numbers and the child can start using the mini erasers as math manipulatives.


Mini Eraser Idea #2:  Stack Up the Erasers – put the erasers on a tray.  Using tongs or tweezers, can you stack the erasers as high as possible without them falling over.


Mini Eraser Idea #3:  Drop Into Slot – using a clean, recycled jar cut a slot in the lid.  The child can drop one eraser at a time through the slot into the jar.  Seems super simple, but trust me, little ones love this!


Mini Eraser Idea #4:  Match Up The Erasers – place the erasers in random order on the copy machine or printer.  Make a color copy.  The child can try to match up the eraser directly on top of the pictures that are in all different directions.


Mini Eraser Idea #5:  Seek and Find – hide the erasers in some dried beans that match the color of the erasers to make them a little more difficult to find.  Since we had tree mini erasers, we used dried peas and white beans.

What is your favorite activity to do with mini erasers?  And please don’t say erase.  Haha – actually I am not even sure if they do erase!

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