Friday, April 28, 2017

5 Reasons to Use Rubrics for School Based Therapists

5 reasons to use rubrics for school based therapistsRubrics are an excellent tool for school based therapists to utilize throughout the school year for ongoing assessment of a student’s skills.  A rubric is a scoring guide to judge performance on a specific task. A skill is broken down into different components and a numerical value is given to each component. The performance is then scored by totaling the sum of the numerical values.

Here are 5 reasons why you should use rubrics for school based therapists:

  1. A rubric informs the individual of what is expected of a task.  It clarifies step by step what is required for proficiency.  The student will know all the steps that are needed to complete a task.
  2. It provides a standard to assess the quality of how a task is completed.
  3. The score on a rubric can determine if changes (improvements or regression) have occurred over time. It is a great tool to use after a long weekend, absences or school vacation to determine if regression has occurred to justify summer services.
  4. It can help increase the consistency of scoring.  Instead of documenting minimal, moderate or significant progress, you can document an actual score to have a more quantitative measure.
  5. Use a rubric to compare the abilities of a student with a peer to determine if the student’s skills are functional.

Need some examples?  You can download some free rubrics:

  1.  Dressing Rubric – Putting On and Taking Off Socks
  2.  Overall Personal Hygiene Rubric
  3.  Meal Time Rubric – Using a Spoon
  4.  Mobility Rubric – Walking in a Line
  5.  Overall Handwriting Rubric
  6.  Proper Positioning for Keyboarding Rubric


For a limited time, you can also download free Scissor Skill Rubric today.  It’s the perfect tool to have on hand to measure baseline performance as well as progress over time.  You’ll have a way to quantify performance in this area and to show that your scissor skill strategies (and the child’s hard work) are paying off.  This is all to get ready for the launch of The Scissor Skills Book on May 1st.

5 Reasons to Use Rubrics for School Based Therapists

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