Thursday, June 8, 2017

10 Classroom Jobs that Require Physical Activity

Classroom Jobs Physical Activity

All children benefit from movement throughout the school day.  Whether it be brain breaks, multisensory lessons or recess, physical activity helps students get the brain ready for optimal learning.  Another option to squeeze in physical activity time during the school day is to assign classroom jobs or chores that require physical activity and proprioceptive input (heavy work).  Here is a list of 10 classroom jobs that require physical activity.

  1. Classroom messenger – student can walk throughout the school to deliver messages from the teacher to the office, other teachers, etc.
  2. Board Eraser – student is responsible to wash the whiteboards or chalkboards at the end of the day.
  3. Sweeper – sweep the dust up off of the classroom floor.
  4. Picker Upper – Bend over, squat or crawl to pick up all the larger items that the broom can not get.
  5. Recycle Duty – check all recycle bins and bring to proper location to empty bins.
  6. Paper Duty – pass out and/or collect papers for the teacher.
  7. Book Duty – pass out and/or collect books for the teacher.
  8. Chair Stacker – stacks all the chairs at the end of the day.
  9. Mail Duty – picks up mail from the teacher’s mailbox in the office.
  10. Desk Washer – wipes down the desks.

Do you have any additional suggestions for creative school chores that include physical activity?

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Classroom Jobs Physical Activity

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