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Motor Accuracy, Visual Perception and Mindfulness

Motor Accuracy Visual Perception and MindfulnessMotor Accuracy, Visual Perception and Mindfulness

Frontiers in Psychology published research examining the effects of a mindfulness program on the performance in visual perception (VP) and motor accuracy, as well as on anxiety levels and self-reported mindfulness in one hundred and thirty-eight 4th and 5th grade students (78 additional students were in a control group).

Mindfulness has been found to reduce stress, anxiety, impulsivity, and depression.  It has been shown to increase well-being, attention span, focus, cognitive skills, executive functioning, and memory.  Previous studies have indicated a positive correlation between VP and academic performance, including written expression achievement and mathematical skills.  Additional research has shown a significant correlation between motor accuracy and current mathematical and written expression achievements and later reading, math and science scores.

The students participated in a 45-minute weekly mindfulness meeting for 24-weeks.  The sessions were divided into three modes addressing the areas of receiving care, developing self-care and extending care.  The students were taught mindfulness skills including skills such as focusing on your breathing, self-calming techniques, relaxation strategies, stress management and empathy skills.

The results indicated the following:

  • significant interactions between time of measurement and group for VP, motor accuracy, reported mindfulness, and anxiety.
  • significant improvements in VP, motor accuracy, reported mindfulness, and anxiety for the experimental group only.
  • significant correlations were recorded between the improvement in motor accuracy and the reduction in anxiety and the increase in mindfulness.

The researchers concluded that the results may suggest that mindfulness practice has the ability to improve academic achievements.

Reference:  Tarrasch, R., Margalit-Shalom, L., & Berger, R. (2017). Enhancing Visual Perception and Motor Accuracy among School Children through a Mindfulness and Compassion Program. Frontiers in psychology8.

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Motor Accuracy Visual Perception and Mindfulness

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