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Task-Oriented Training for Children with Hemiplegia

Task Oriented Training for Children with Hemiplegia

Task-Oriented Training for Children with Hemiplegia

The Journal of Physical Therapy published research on task-oriented training for children with hemiplegia.  The researchers investigated the effects of task-oriented training (TOT) on hand dexterity and strength in 12 children with spastic hemiplegic cerebral palsy.  Six children were assigned to the experimental group who received the task-oriented training for 20 minutes of a 60-minute conventional occupational therapy session.  The other six children served as the control group and received 60 minutes of conventional occupational therapy.

The task-oriented training sessions consisted of activities such as repeated reaching, ring activity, and stacking cup to catch the target using the involved hand with therapist feedback provided.  Following 4 weeks of 2 sessions per week, the following results were seen from dynamometer testing and the Box and Block Test (number of blocks moved from one box to another in one minute):

  • the task-oriented group showed a significant improvement in hand dexterity but not in strength
  • the control group did not show a significant improvement in hand dexterity or strength

The researchers recommend further research with a larger sample size and to determine any long-term effects.

Reference:  Moon, J. H., Jung, J. H., Hahm, S. C., & Cho, H. Y. (2017). The effects of task-oriented training on hand dexterity and strength in children with spastic hemiplegic cerebral palsy: a preliminary study. Journal of physical therapy science29(10), 1800-1802.

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