Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Empower Children with Disabilities By Creating Works of Art

Here is some motivation to get children with disabilities to express themselves through art. The Anne Carlsen Center is sponsoring Accessing the Artist Within. This purpose of this program is to introduce children with disabilities various ways to express themselves through art using assistive technology. The submitted artwork will be displayed on a website. In addition, 10 works of art will be chosen to be exhibited at the Closing the Gap Conference in October 2009. Two important rules are that the children must be ages 5-21 years old and use some assistive technology to create the art. Artwork submitted can be of various types such as paintings, digital art, music compositions (try www.creatingmusic.com), photographs and more.

This seems like a great project for school based therapists to promote. This is an opportunity to practice using assistive technology tools while creating a piece of art. In addition, you will be teaching the child a life long leisure skill.

Go to the website for further details at http://www.annecenter.org/news_events/adaptive-art.html.

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