Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sensory Motor Groups in Children with Down Syndrome

The current issue of Pediatric Physical Therapy has published research on sensory motor groups for children with Down Syndrome. The researchers compared 2 groups of children with Down Syndrome (10 children total ages 13-29 months of age). One group received only individualized interventions and the other group received the individualized interventions along with 10 weekly sessions of a sensory motor group. Children in the cluster that received the weekly sensory motor group interventions exhibited significant improvements on the Gross Motor Function Measure in the following sections: lying and rolling, kneeling and total score. Significant improvements were also seen in Goal Attainment Scaling. The researchers concluded that sensory motor group interventions resulted in greater improvements when compared to only individualized interventions. They recommended further research in this area.

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Reference: LaForme Fiss, Alyssa C. PT, PhD, PCS; Effgen, Susan K. PT, PhD; Page, Judith PhD, CCC-SLP; Shasby, Sharon PhD, OTR/L Effect of Sensorimotor Groups on Gross Motor Acquisition for Young Children with Down Syndrome. Pediatric Physical Therapy. 21(2):158-166, Summer 2009.

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